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sexy propaganda usa An unconventional resource for fashionable individuals of style and influence. Count on us for politics uncensored, election t-shirts and our gonzo guide to the US presidential puppet show.

Get the 411 on political scandals and fashion policy from the editors of Sexy Propaganda direct from our guts. Our pages cover breaking election sexyness, influential personalities, scoring on the campaign trail, green lifestyles, dressing for the apocalypse and stylish tools for descent.

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Indie Tees from Timewarp T-Shirts

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Welcome to Sexy Propaganda, we hope you enjoy our disinformation resources, sleazy journalistic commentary and outrageous lies.

Our first series of ill informed articles focuses on political personalities Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul. Sexy Propaganda digs deep into unsubstantiated rumors and wild speculation revealing some secrets that may shock or amaze you!

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Political Humor Tees from Hell

T-Shirt Hell has never been known for subtle humor or good taste so we thought they deserved a mention on our front page. Check out these controversial political tees for men and women but be warned their site has some shirts that could get your ass kicked (or fired NSFW!)
funny election tees I Bet You Vote Next Time Hippie T-Shirt funny al gore t-shirts
Not sure which puppet to vote for in 08? Who Gives a Shit!
Too stoned to vote last time? I Bet You'll Vote Next Time Hippie!
Al Gore will save us all...from the threat he invented in the first place, go Al!

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